Gold Engagement Rings

The Purity of Gold Engagement Rings

One of the most crucial decisions when buying engagement rings is the type of material used to make the ring.

Traditional engagement rings are made from gold but there are now a lot of precious metals that are used to create them. For instance, platinum engagement rings and white gold engagement rings are now becoming a popular option. Although this may be the case, nothing beats the beauty of engagement rings made from gold.

Engagement rings made from Gold

Are very popular because they come with classic and timeless appeal. In fact, antique engagement rings are very popular not because of their historical value but because they usually take on the solitary prong setting which is valued for the meaning it portrays. This is the reason why solitaire engagement rings transcend through time.


Gold Engagement Rings come with different purity levels

Gold engagement rings are very popular but one has to take note that different engagement rings are made from gold with different levels of purity. The level of the gold’s purity also has an effect on the quality of the entire ring as well as the price. Unfortunately, this particular aspect is often overlooked by many people when buying engagement rings. For this reason, it is important to understand the purity of gold engagement rings before buying one.

Understanding Karats of Gold Engagement Rings

If you want to buy gold engagement rings, make sure that you understand what karat means. As opposed to the carat used on diamond engagement rings which refers to the size of the size, the karat in gold measures how much gold is found in a particular piece of jewelry. The higher the karat usually means the level of purity becomes higher.

The purity of gold engagement rings usually range from 10k to 24k gold.Jewelry made from gold come with karat values of 10, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 24. Gold rings with 24k value are considered to be the purist form as it contains 99% gold and 1% base metal. The reason why 100% gold is discouraged because gold, in its raw form, is soft and easily gets damaged thus addition of base metals is used to toughen and harden it.

Prices of Gold Engagement Rings

As mentioned earlier, the price of gold is affected by its level of purity. Thus, a 10k ring costs considerably less than a 24k gold ring even if they have the same design and features. When giving engagement rings, it is a popular option to select gold engagement rings that are made from 24k gold but if the price is too steep, then choosing a ring with lesser karat is your best option. Another option is to buy white gold. White gold is known to be more stylish as well as elegant than yellow gold but it is a less expensive alternative to yellow gold engagement rings. When shopping for gold engagement rings, make sure that you have already decided the material of your ring. This will make it easier for you to shop the right engagement ring that your fiancé will love without the need for you to break the bank.