Antique Engagement Rings

The Magic of Antique Engagement Rings

There is something great about antique jewelry. Firstly it is very popular among people who want to own elegant jewelry. What makes it great is that each piece has a unique story as well as a timeless and classic appeal. This is especially true if the engagement ring is handed down from one generation to the next.

Antique Engagement Rings Are Valuable

A deep tradition, coupled with the history of he ring and the fact that the ring itself has transcended through time, is something that makes old gold engagement rings very special. In fact, every woman would be honored to get one from their beau. However, not every family keeps such heirloom but there is a way to get your hands on antique rings.

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Engagement Rings

The styles of antique engagement rings are reminiscent of the different historical periods when jewelry making became popular. These eras include the Victorian and Edwardian periods. However today, the most popular style of antique rings arose from the Art Deco period which became well-known during the 1920’s and 1930’s. In fact, antique engagement rings that come with filigree and lace designs are influenced during this particular period.

Where To Look For Authentic Antique Engagement Rings

One of the ways to look for authentic antique rings is to visit antique shops. Most antique shops sell a wide collection of jewelry from the past eras and these include engagement rings. However, buying antique rings can be expensive because aside from the quality of the ring, its history is also weighed to fetch the final value of the ring.

This is especially true for antique diamond engagement rings. Although it is difficult to find authentic antique engagement rings, there are now a lot of engagement rings that are made to look like aged by time.

Modern Antique Engagement Rings

Most antique engagement rings are made from yellow gold as platinum and white gold is not yet popular materials during the earlier times. Although this may be the case, antique-inspired engagement rings today are made from different materials including unconventional metals as well as gemstones thereby adding a tone of modernity in the design of engagement rings. In fact, antique-inspired white gold engagement rings are less expensive alternatives
than authentic antique rings.

When looking for antique engagement rings, it is important to always look for those that come with timeless elegance. A good example are solitaire engagement rings. Although they are a bit expensive, buying modern yet antique-inspired jewelry is the best option. Fortunately, there are now a lot of jewelry shops that has a lot of antique engagement collections. Moreover, they are also now readily available from many jewelry stores online.