Custom Family Rings

Custom Rings Engraved with your Family Coat of Arms, family motto or surname.

The Face of the Custom Family Ring
Custom rings engraved with your earliest family crest or coat of Arms.

One of the most important parts of the custom ring is the face, this is where most of the engraving is carried out. The shield which is taken from the Coat of Arms is engraved close to the center of the ring, then above that you will have the helmet and the crest and below on a heraldic banner, some will have the family motto or the family surname.Family Crest Rings

Custom Family Rings: Practical and Beautiful

Today, custom family rings serve both practical and stylistic functions. They are objects of beauty that you can wear to show your familial connections and pride in your heritage. In many societies, they still act as status symbols, an immediate identifier of one’s social class.

Mother's Ring

Custom Family rings make exceptional gifts for both men and women, regardless of their social status or nature of their family history. These rings are about displaying your pride in your family history, heritage and genealogy; in your ancestors, who shaped your family unit and family values. They reflect both the beautiful legacy of medieval heraldry and pageantry and your family’s heraldic history.

A Coat of Arms is sometimes also called a Family Shield, Family Seal or Family Crest.